Garage Door Installation – Successfully Assembling Of Parts

First of all, look at the parts and pieces that come with the garage door installation kit. The huge chunks of metal tracks, rollers, hinges, cables, springs, panels, and a lot of screws bolts, nuts, and mounting brackets are enough to make it a complex machine. Since a garage door is the biggest equipment which is found in the average residential buildings. Safety precautions are unavoidable when you first engaged in the home improvement project relates to the garage door installation. Wants to learn more about garage door, feel free to visit at

To help you in the project of garage door installation, some garage door manufacturing companies have started to introduce user-friendly garage door installation kits. These kits come with easy-to-understand and follow instructions. If you go through the user’s manual thoroughly and make an effort to completely understand the entire procedure before actually starting the project, it will be easier for you to finish the job successfully. You should be familiar with all the terms, you will have to recognize all the operating hardware and other parts of the garage door, then your project will become easier and simpler to conduct.

However, one statement of caution, do hire a professional garage door installer to help you in removing an existing garage door and installing a new one. The garage door springs are powerful enough which are used to control the operations of a garage door. These springs hold a high amount of tension when a garage door is closed properly and it can cause serious injuries and damages. Don’t try to even cut or adjust the attached cables with the torsion springs on your own.

Once the old garage door is removed successfully, you will have to inspect the wooden frame around the garage door opening. Make sure that there are no signs of damages or wood rot. The frame should be solid enough because you need to be fastened the bolts to the solid framework. Any damaged or rotten wooden frame should be replaced. Garage door tracks should be balanced and parallel for the smooth operations of a garage door. All the sections of garage doors are stacked over the first-placed section. This is why; the first section of the garage door must be placed by maintaining its alignment. If you are going to install a wooden garage door, cut the excess wood and sand the bottom of the garage door so it matches the slope of the ground.

Always use high-quality and standardized hardware supplied by a reputed garage door manufacturer. The bottom mounting brackets that are sued to fix the bottom corners of the first section must be secured to the garage door. Don’t over-tighten them because it might strip the bolts.

Remember that the cables should be connected to the mounting brackets. The overall weight of the garage door along with all components can easily reach 400 pounds. Hence, it is important that overhead tracks are strongly supported. Otherwise, when the garage door goes up, the tracks may fall or the garage door may come out of the metal track and fall. It can cause critical injuries and damages.