Maintaining and Fixing the Garage Doors

Garage doors normally open and close more than a dozen times a day. Routine garage door maintenance and repair are essential to keep your garage door in a good working position. Here is a checklist for routine maintenance services and simple repair tasks every homeowner can conduct without any difficulty. Click here to get more information about garage door inspection and maintenance. These procedures are suggested four to five times every year:

First of all, wash the structure of the garage door using a mild detergent and a soft brush. Repaint the exterior of the garage door or touch up the cracked, peeling, or chipped paint especially if you have a wooden garage door that is exposed. You may use a vinyl cleaner to remove the obstructions from weather stripping around the bottom and frame of a garage door. You should use any silicone product or lubricant to keep the weather stripping flexible.

In the next step, inspect the garage door rollers to find out the damages. Damaged rollers should be replaced with new ones. You can purchase new rollers from local hardware stores or home improvement centers. Worn out and damaged garage door rollers are easy to replace. First of all, use a socket wrench to loosen the screws and bolts holding the hinges of rollers in place and then remove the broken rollers. Put the new ones and then fasten the hinges and bolts.

Inspect the garage door tracks to make sure that they are aligned correctly. If not, simply loosen the screws, but there is no need to remove them at all, that hold the tracks to the walls. Readjust the position of tracks and recheck the balance with the help level. Once the tracks are adjusted, refasten the screws and bolts. You should inspect the mounting brackets that hold the metal tracks to the walls of the garage. If they are damaged or lose, you should tighten the screws and bolts. Inspect the garage door from inside the garage while keeping it closed to see if there are flat spots, dents, or crimps in the metal tracks. These dents can be pounded out using a plastic hammer, rubber mallet, and a piece of wood. Badly damaged tracks should be replaced with the help of a professional garage door expert.

Check the loose hardware and tighten them accordingly. In the case of swing-up garage doors, check the loose screws on the plates where torsion springs are mounted. But if you have a roll-up garage door, check the loose screws on the hinges that hold the sections in place. The sagging garage door on the one side can be fixed by screwing hinges and enlarged holes will be filled with wood filler when necessary.

You should inspect the springs to adjust the tension on the swing-up garage door by shifting the hook of springs to the next notch or hole. In the roll-up garage doors that have pulleys, the tension can be adjusted by just pulling the cables through the plate at the top of the garage door. Re-knot the spring to secure them.

Caution:  Overhead garage door that has a single large torsion spring placed at the center of garage door that cannot be fixed by an ordinary individual. The stress on the torsion springs is great enough to cause serious injuries and damages. The garage door needs to be fixed by professional garage door experts.

Routine garage door repair and maintenance is vital to keep your garage door in a good working position. Major garage door tasks are performed by professional and trained garage door technicians.