Repairing or Replacing a Garage Door Opener

An electric garage door opener increases the convenience when it concerns to protecting your vehicle from burglars and outside factors. Operated using a single click of a button, it eliminates the need of getting out of the car every time to open and close the garage door. In order to secure the benefits, you should keep your garage door opener functioning perfectly. If your garage door opener becomes malfunctioning then you should fix or replace it to get the right features. If you are thinking about how to fix a garage door opener yourself, first of all, you should learn about the features of a garage door opener.

Garage Door

  • Types of garage door openers:

The first and most important factor to be considered is the driven system of the garage door opener. As the name suggests it is the operating mechanism that drives the openers. There are three main types of garage door openers such as, belt-driven, chain-driven, and screw-driven garage door opener.

The chain drive is the cheapest, oldest, and most famous model of openers. It functions like a pulley in which a metallic chain is connected to a series of gears, rollers, and pins. This type of opener is powered by a motor. This system is noisy in operations but advantageous in the case of a power outage.

The screw-driven system travels along a plastic-lined track and threaded rod. The garage door opens and closes as the rod moves. This opener is good for wide and heavy garage doors. It is a durable and costly option but quiet in operations. It is extremely reasonable due to the low maintenance requirements.

The third one is belt driven mechanism. The opener uses flexible rubber belts instead of metal chains. It needs little maintenance and offers higher efficiency. The rubber belt is the main component of the opener which makes it noiseless in operations.

  • Power requirements of garage door opener:

All models of garage door openers are powered by an electric motor. The power supply is based on the weight and size of garage doors. A standard-sized garage door works on a small motor without any problem but a double-sized garage door needs a high-powered motor. A heavy and oversized garage door needs at least ¾ HP motor. An ideal garage door opener works quickly at a reasonable speed to ensure the security of your house.

  • Safety and security features of openers:

Recent models of garage door openers come with safety mechanisms. It is really important especially when there are kids at your house. The first important safety feature is reversing mechanism. This system works with the help of light beams that stops and reverses the garage door immediately if anything crosses the path of closing the garage door. Installing the garage door sensors is a legal and mandatory requirement. The rolling code technology also comes with recent garage door opener models. It generates new and random passcodes every time when the garage door is operated.

  • Garage door remote control:

Electric garage door openers offer you the benefits of keyless entries. There are wall-mounted keypad units that can be used using a code combination. The recent models of garage door openers come with fingerprints and voice activates features. Garage door openers are also operated through a remote control device. A garage door remote with multiple buttons can be used for different functions such as, turning on or off the lights and delaying the closing time.

  • Battery backup system:

A battery backup system can facilitate you to open and close the garage door even in the event of a power outage. This function is not compatible with all models of garage door openers. Selected models come with a manual release system which allows the users to operate the garage door manually when there is no electricity.