The Ruins - Testimonials, catering services


This is a restaurant t that anyone will enjoy. If you do not want those dining places that are too crowded then when you come to Seattle, this is the first place that you should visit. I have to warn you though to reserve first before coming into this place because they have only limited seating. Trying your luck as a walk-in customer may not work since this is frequented by both locals and customers alike. The only way you can secure a seat is if you are going to book a reservation days beforehand. The effort is very much worth it though since everything about this place is really nice. It is a good experience dining here.


The Ruins is a very nice and instagrammable restaurant. This is the first time I’ve seen something like it. The interior exudes warmth and beauty. So far, I was not disappointed. I’ve been to this place only twice ever since I knew about it. I want to go as frequently as possible but due to the fact that they are fully booked on many times I tried booking, I wasn’t able to come here which is a shame. I really hope that they will expand the restaurant soon. In that way, many people can have a chance of dining here.


Amazing, amazing restaurant. This is very appealing inside and out. Even if you are not feeling like it, this place will force you to relax. That is why after you come here, you can feel that all the troubles that you have had already been flushed away. The concept is really nice. It is indescribable. You have to be there to appreciate it yourself because there is really nothing like it. Come at night time as this is a good place to relax especially after a long day.