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Be A Part of the Secret of Seattle

Exploring restaurants is perhaps among the activities every individual enjoys on a daily basis. There are many reasons for this. There are people who simply are looking for a good place to taste something new. It is also possible that they are too tired to cook and they think of such an endeavor as a good bonding activity also for the whole family. While most individuals come to a restaurant from a variety of reasons, there are those who simply look for a reprieve. They look for a place where they can have a relaxing time while consuming delicious dishes. Here at The Ruins in Seattle, you can definitely find that.

The Ruins - Seattle, restaurants,  catering services, event and weddings

The Ruins is a dining place that you can find in the heart of Seattle. This incorporates a public setting that is good for intimate dates with your loved one and even a good dining experience for your whole family. This exudes a peaceful but vibrant atmosphere that is loved by many. What more is that the service is great and the food and drinks too.

Here at The Ruins, we cater to all range of culinary offerings. We have here all the comfort food you are definitely going to enjoy starting from pasta dishes and steaks that will guarantee to make your mouths water. We have here light snacks as well such as sandwiches and cakes. What more is that our desserts are to die for. In fact, it has been the talk of the town ever since we have started our business here. Our hors-d’oeuvres that grace almost every event that we service in and out of our dining place is even a topic of many features in both newspapers and magazines. This is the reason why people from all walks of life have the inclination to come to our place to taste themselves everything we offer here in our place. You can have that too when you decided to book a reservation with us today.

The Ruins - restaurants,  catering services, event and weddings

We do not simply offer here at The Ruins. This is because we also provide catering services here as well. Whether you choose to hold your event in our restaurant or in your garage door in Henderson, we are up to the challenge. In fact, we’d love to help you out. But know that when you choose to celebrate in The Ruins itself, we have plenty other things to offer you such as our differently themed rooms which can accommodate up to 170 persons for a seated meal or up to 200 for a stand-up reception. You can also choose the service you want, whether you want it to be a buffet dining or a several course meal. Either way, you’ll find our services here unparalleled and never seen before. It is affordable too so you will not anymore have any worries about breaking the bank. The decorations are on the house too so you will not have anything anymore to be worried about other than preparing for your big event.

You can send your inquiries to us for further information. We are always ready to help you out.