Do It Yourself Garage Door Repair

Fixing malfunctioning on your own can be dangerous. Please read this article carefully, if you have any doubt about your skills, contact a professional garage door expert. Some individual believes that by performing DIY projects, they can save a lot of money and learn new techniques.  However the hospital bills and pain due to the injuries sustained in the project won’t be worth those saving. Click here to educate yourself properly before attempting any Do-It-Yourself project to make sure it will be safe for you.

Type of garage door you are dealing with: 

Some garage doors swing up in solid single piece while other are constructed with multiple panels. You could add an electric garage door opener to operate your garage door automatically or it could be manual. It is important to consider these points at the beginning of the project. If your garage door has an electric opener, the problem could lay in the operating system instead of the garage door itself. If the garage door showing trouble while running on tracks there could be a problem with one of the panels instead of tracks. Inspect and understand the mechanism of a garage door.  Be completely aware of what it is and how it works. Do your best to diagnose the problems of the garage door before starting any process.

Check for loose screws and bolts:

Some metal mounting brackets and hinges are used to hold the track to the wall. They have screw, bolts, and nuts that secure everything in place. Loose mounting brackets most likely won’t be obvious, so you will have to check them to make sure that they are tightened securely. While performing this, it is also a good top to give the mounting brackets a nice cleaning. Sometimes, dirt can lodge in between the screw and brackets that make them loosen again.

Inspect garage door tracks:

Garage door tracks support it to go up and down along the ceiling. The accumulated grease or dirt inside the tracks makes it feels rough as it comes up and down. If they become misaligned, it could cause the garage door to be stuck midway on its path. Examine the tracks thoroughly to find down any grease or dirt formation and clean it as you go. Once you have done, check the balance of tracks using a level to ensure that they are aligned properly.

Examine the garage door:

Once you have confirmed that tracks are running smoothly and all the moving hardware is well in place but your garage door is still not functioning properly. In this case, the malfunctioning is likely with the garage door itself. Check its panels, windows, opener, and all of the edgings on the garage door. If there is any breakage in the panels that can cause troubles as well. If you have a wood garage door then the cracks or dumps could probably be fixed using good wood glue or filler. With another type of material, you may have to replace the damaged panel.