Garage Door Torsion Springs and Cables

It is important to learn that the essential and critical part of the garage door is the “torsion spring”, which supports your garage door to open and close efficiently and effortlessly.

However, malfunctioning and broken garage door springs can be a great safety hazard. Garage doors need regular upkeep and maintenance services in order to function smoothly and stay in peak condition like other mechanical and electrical equipment around your house. To keep the garage door running in tip-top position, you need to do the lubrication and check the condition of torsion springs which is one of the most important parts for safe and smooth operations of a garage door. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners are unaware of the importance of well-functional and efficient garage door torsion springs. They will work with several other parts of the garage door to perform its standard operations. Visit here to learn more about the functionality and performance of garage door springs.
If you experienced any trouble during the opening and closing operations of the garage door, you should always pay special attention to the torsion springs. If the springs of your garage door are old, they probably lose their tension or worn out to a certain degree. They are tightly wounded equipment and placed under a high amount of pressure.

Due to this, they can break easily; even the highest quality will eventually break. These are dangerous equipment to handle which can cause serious injuries and property damages. This is why you should have your garage door fixed and inspected by a professional garage door technician. The torsion spring should be replaced as soon as possible whenever it is required. If your garage door is running with two independent springs and only one of them is broken, it makes sense to change both of them at the same time.
There is a chance that your garage door is creating squeak, loud noises when the garage door is raised or lowered. It is a clear indication that the torsion springs of your garage door are on their last legs which should be replaced. In some cases, the problem can easily be fixed by lubricating some parts or applying silicon spray. Another clear sign which shows that your garage door needs quick servicing is the frayed, hanging, or broken cables. Irrespective of the quality of the garage door opener, it is a sign that cables need replacement.

A sudden break in the cables could to serious injuries and property damages. These frayed cables should be inspected and fixed by a professional garage door expert who is familiar with all types of problems of springs and cables.

Conclusion: The garage door is very heavy and bulky equipment itself therefore, torsion springs are used to lifting and lowering the garage door smoothly and effortlessly. Since these springs to be maintained under extreme pressure, you should not try to do anything with them due to the risks involved in doing so. It is highly recommended that hire a professional garage door technician to inspect these risky components to avoid potential injuries and problems caused by broken springs.