Things to Consider When Choosing a New Garage Door

A garage door is one of the most important parts of any home. It not only provides security but also adds a status statement. Before choosing a garage door, it is important to determine the style, shape, type, and size of the garage opening. It will give you a clear idea of how much drive-through width you need and you don’t end compromising on your storage and entrance space. There are plenty of professional and reputed garage door companies such as, Ace Garage Door in Fort Worth which offer a wide range of garage door installation and replacement services. There are five common types of garage doors including retractable, sectional, canopy style, and side hinged garage doors. Each type has unique features and different performance services.

Retractable garage doors: These garage doors swing outwards, up and back towards the ceiling of the garage. These garage doors are stored at the top which allows you to park your car close to it. It will give you enough space on your drive path. They have a simple mechanism that can be installed easily. They are convenient to be automated operations with an electric garage door opener. They provide remarkable security to your car and home. They are available in steel, wood, GRP, and ABS material. One important point to be noted here that these garage doors provide a limited drive-through width, that is why side springs are mounted.

Canopy garage doors: These garage doors swing outward and then slide upward to the ceiling of the garage while opening. In this way, one-third of the garage door will be left outside the garage. It is a more secured system because the pivot points of garage doors are placed down the door. They are easy to install because no tracks are required. The entire mechanism connected to the frame of the garage door. They are available in steel, wood, GRP, and ABS material. Canopy garage doors provide you a good drive-through width.

Sectional garage doors: These garage doors are made up of numerous panels which are hinged horizontally. They adjusted to the rear surface of your garage brick wall. They rise upwards vertically and then go back to the ceiling while opening. Sectional garage doors provide remarkable security and protection against the weather. Many models come with insulation features.

Roller garage doors: These garage doors roll on the ceiling of the garage as a single curtain. They are placed and adjusted to the rear surface of the garage’s front brick wall. As the name explains, they roll vertically upward. They provide good security and protection to your home. You will commonly find them in steel and aluminum materials. The installation of roller garage doors is somewhat easy through professional services for smooth and quiet operations.

Side-hinged garage doors: These garage doors come in wood, steel, and GRP material. They look very stylish and traditional which open outward. This type of garage door needs the right clearance while being opened. They offer good security if bolts are tightly secured at the top and bottom of a garage door.

The garage door is an essential and important part of your home. You should check the security, quality, and durability features while buying the right garage door.